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Heng Rong is an industrial filter company in China's paper industry. It was founded in 1999. It specializes in filtration and self-cleaning filtration in the paper industry. It designs and manufactures all kinds of filter products for paper making according to the standards of good performance, excellent quality and reliability, and strives to provide perfect filtration support for global industrial users.

The marketing center and technology center of Hengrong are located in Qidong, Jiangsu Province, China. The core team of Hengrong has been deeply involved in the paper industry, with more than 20 years of rich industrial paper filtration technology experience, providing comprehensive filtration solutions.

We provide perfect filtration products and technical services for many international large companies and Chinese paper industry companies. We have rich project cooperation experience of engineering companies, and can design and manufacture filtration system according to international general and industrial standards and customer's filtration process requirements, and deliver filtration products with good quality. If you put forward higher requirements on the performance, quality, safety and service of filtration products, Heng Rong can be your reliable partner.

Heng Rong's products have been successfully applied in more than 200 medium and large paper mills in China, such as app of Jinguang group, Chenming Paper Co., Ltd., Liwen Paper Co., Ltd., Jiulong Paper Co., Ltd., Hubei jinfenghuang Paper Co., Ltd. and Rongsheng environmental protection Co., Ltd., and they are exported to more than 20 overseas countries. Heng Rong's good business reputation, good performance of filtration products, design ability and perfect service level have been recognized by the major companies in the paper industry. Quality is still the constant pursuit of Heng Rong. It is our motto not to forget the original intention and make customers feel at ease.

Choose Hengrong brand, trustworthy long-term filtering partners, excellent filtration products and perfect filtration services.