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Automatic self cleaning filter

Product Introduction

The automatic self-cleaning filter adopts the design of multiple filter elements. Each time the system starts, it will carry out a backwashing cycle action to clean all filter elements one by one. However, only a single filter element is cleaned each time, and the rest of the filter elements are still filtered to ensure continuous filtration operation.

Working Principle

The diaphragm in the tank divides the inside of the filter into upper and lower chambers: the upper part is the clear liquid cavity, which is equipped with multiple wedge-shaped filter elements; the lower part is the turbid liquid cavity, which is equipped with backwash suction cup and sewage discharge rotating arm. The turbid liquid from the water pump enters the turbid liquid cavity through the inlet of the filter and passes through the diaphragm hole (Note: multiple circular holes are evenly distributed on the diaphragm, and the filter element is installed on the upper part, and the number of round holes is the same as that of the filter element.) In the inner part of the filter element, the impurities larger than the gap of the filter element are intercepted, and the clear liquid smaller than the gap of the filter element passes through the gap of the filter element to the cleaning liquid cavity and flows out from the outlet of the filter.

When the impurities accumulate to a certain amount in the filter element, the pressure difference will be generated between the clear liquid cavity and the turbid liquid cavity of the filter. When the pressure difference reaches the set value (adjustable, generally 0.05Mpa), the differential pressure controller will output the signal, and the electric control box will drive the reducer to rotate the blowdown arm in the turbid liquid cavity. When the induction switch on the shaft head finds that the backwash sucker on the upper part of the blowdown rotary arm rotates to coincide with the inlet of one of the filter elements, the electric (pneumatic) valve will automatically open, so that the external pressure of the filter element is significantly higher than the internal pressure, forcing the filtered clear liquid of other filter elements to flow from the outside of the filter element to the inner side, and the impurities adsorbed on the inner side of the filter element will enter the backwash suction cup with the water flow Drain valve discharge. Then clean the other filter elements one by one until the programmed cleaning time is over (generally 5 minutes).

In addition to the differential pressure cleaning mode, the Siemens programmer in the control box also sets the timing cleaning mode. When the set time is reached (adjustable, generally 4 hours), the filter will automatically start the backwash mechanism for blowdown. When the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the filter returns to normal or the cleaning time is over, the decelerator stops running and the electric (pneumatic) blow down valve will also close automatically. During the whole working process, the water flow of the filter is not cut off, and the backwashing water consumption is less, so the continuous and automatic production is realized.

Product Features

1、Self cleaning function

2、Continuous water supply function

3、Automatic backwash function

4、High strength and reliable filter element

5、Large filtration area

6、The backwashing mechanism is reliable

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