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Automatic scraper filter

Product Introduction

Full automatic scraper filter adopts stainless steel wedge-shaped filter screen. The filter screen is equipped with automatic compensation scraper group. With scraper blade and reducer running, it can continuously remove impurities on the surface of filter screen, reduce the blocking phenomenon of filter screen, and is suitable for high-precision filtration of viscous liquid to promote the filtration quality to reach a good state.

Working Principle

The liquid flows in from the inlet of the filter and flows out through the filter element. The speed reducer drives the Teflon scraper to rotate to automatically scrape off the accumulated particulate impurities on the inner surface of the filter element, and automatically (manually) controls the blowdown valve to remove the liquid containing high concentration impurities in the filter element, thus realizing continuous and automatic production.

Product Features

1.This machine adopts automatic control filter device, which can clean the filter screen automatically and discharge impurities, saving a lot of labor cost.

2.Special control box, easy to operate, low failure rate, easy maintenance.

3.The filter cleaning time and impurity discharge time can be set in advance to maintain the automatic operation of the equipment, providing high quality and high safety operation characteristics.

4.The advanced stainless steel wedge-shaped filter screen is adopted, which has the advantages of uniform screening, high wear resistance, low damage and deformation, and good filtration effect.

5. Continuous operation, the use of new high efficiency motor, low power consumption, energy saving, reduce production costs.

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