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Filtration technology is playing a more important role in industrial production. Efficient filtration technology can bring long-term high return on investment for customers in many aspects, such as purifying liquid and improving product quality, protecting key equipment, reducing cost, shutdown risk and saving maintenance cost, preventing scaling, reducing energy consumption and efficient energy utilization, recycling water resources and reducing waste liquid discharge And high environmental treatment costs. Reliable filtration technology can significantly improve the process and improve the operation efficiency, which has become a widespread consensus.

However, due to the poor service life of the filter, the filter is not suitable for the customers due to the poor service life of the filter; the filter is not suitable for the customers due to the short service life Poor; low design standard, potential safety hazard, potential threat to production safety and employee health; contamination of materials exposed during filtration; loss of a large number of expensive materials during cleaning or replacement of filter elements; mismatch of filter materials and serious corrosion

How to avoid the above losses and risks? It's important to choose filtering partners carefully! Hengrong has rich industrial filtration experience in many industries and can provide you with perfect filtration support. We are willing to be your long-term filtering partner. Hengrong's filtration technology team, relying on years of filtering application data and experience in several industries, based on the standard and rigorous filtering consulting service process operation, provides scientific technical support and filtering solutions for customers. From the collection and investigation of customer application information, the analysis of liquid filtration characteristics, the selection of filtration methods, small-scale filtration experiments, and the amplification scheme of filtration process, we have gradually transformed the filtering demands of customers into effective filtration systems. Our technology helps customers obtain rich return on investment in filtration and reduce the risk of investment in filtration.