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Gravity filter

Product Introduction

Hengrong qdhr4000 series gravity filter is an ideal equipment for white water system with high filtration fiber content. The equipment can filter the sealing water of vacuum pump, the clean water of white water recovery device, the water of washing machine, and remove the blanket of white water produced by the pressing section.

Working Principle

Hengrong qdhr4000 series filter has an outer tank and an inner tank. There is an annular area between the outer tank and the inner tank. The fluid medium flows into the annular area through the filter inlet, and overflows from the top of the inner tank to the filter net. Suspended solids that cannot pass through the screen are separated from the fluid. The filtrate goes through the filter screen, and the suspended solids are left on the screen. The filtered clean water is collected in the filter's inner container and discharged from the water outlet at the bottom, and a small amount is reused on the spray pipe of the gravity filter. A continuous rotating spray system above the filter screen cleans the fiber and solid filter impurities to the center of the screen and is discharged from the pipe in the center of the container.

Product Features

It can treat white water with large flow rate and high solid content

The use of pump is reduced by relying on gravity

The filter screen is continuously cleaned through the rotating spray pipe

The rotating spray pipe is a moving part

The cost of white water treatment is very low

Less power consumption, less maintenance and high efficiency

There is no need to replenish fresh water

The warm water in the production process is reused to save energy

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