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Automatic multi tube filter

Product Introduction

The design mechanism of internal backwashing can make the whole filtration system keep continuous filtration without being affected by backwashing operation, and make the filter screen maintain good filtration status regularly.

Working Principle

The unfiltered filtrate enters from the bottom inlet of the equipment and is evenly distributed to each filter. After continuous filtration, impurities accumulate on the surface of the filter screen, and the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet will gradually increase. When the system pressure difference reaches 0.5 ~ 1.5bar, the system will automatically carry out backwashing operation. The start-up mechanism of backwash system can be assisted by differential pressure detection and time control. Differential pressure detection can be based on the cleaning degree of filter screen, and time control can be supplemented by timing cleaning function. The two methods can assist each other to form a perfect backwash system.

Product Features

1. High handling capacity: multi tube design, which can be combined in various types according to the actual processing capacity.

2. Backwash function: time control and differential pressure detection are used to automatically clean the filter screen.

3. Continuous filtration: multi tube design, sequential backwashing, filtration operation does not need to stop due to the backwash cleaning operation.

4. Full automatic control: PLC program control and man-machine interface operation are adopted, and automatic operation can be achieved after setting.

5. A lot of manpower saving: no need for regular operation and monitoring of field personnel, automatic control can save a lot of manpower cost.

6. Simple maintenance: automatic cleaning design, only need regular simple cleaning and maintenance of the body.


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